ON Pitch 2019

Stage: Competition Finished

How to Create a Video?

Judging will be on your ability to engage the audience with your pitch it's not a competition about video production although it must have good quality video and audio. Smartphones produce quality videos. If you want to produce something of higher quality, go for it!

Tips for scientists to pitch...

How do you get someone interested to partner with your research/solution? We want this competition to help to get you there. It is a brief pitch that you use to spark interest in your real world solution. It is an ice breaker that will invite interest and leave the listener wanting more. You can google “elevator pitch” and discover hundreds of pages of information. 

Here are some tips:

1) Engage your audience without jargon on 3 core pieces:

-What is the problem?

- How will your capability contribute to solving the problem?

-Why should anyone care? NOT NECESSARILY IN THAT ORDER…

2) Remember to practice, practice, practice...

Here's a good article about science–specific pitches. Better still, check out the hundreds of other pitches from competitions that are open to the public on Thinkable. Some good examples include:

Pitch it Clever

QLD Women in STEM

WISP Perfect Pitch

How to Upload Your Video?

Thinkable only allows embedding of videos. That means you need to upload your video to other sites like Youtube, Vimeo or Google Drive - then follow their instructions to copy the embedding code into the application when it asks you.

Youtube is free and far and away the easiest option for you.

For Youtube - here is an explanation to find the code you need to embed in your application

For Vimeo - here is the help guide to find the code you need to embed

For Google Drive - here is a help guide.

Contact Information:

For more information on the CSIRO ON Innovation online program, contact: info@onindi.com

For any technical issues with Thinkable, contact: barry@thinkable.org

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